The Tropical Zebra Finch

From meeting the Cactus Wren of the desert to the Sooty Terns of the sea, no exploratory category would be complete without including a feathered friend from the tropical climate. Over in Central Australia, (and even introduced in Puerto Rico and Portugal) lives the Zebra finch. Not to be mistaken for the finches studied by Darwin on the Galapagos islands, the Zebra Finch are actually native to Indonesia and East Timor.

Usually sticking close to water, Zebra finches are known to inhabit a wide range of grasslands and forests. Similar to other finches, their diet consists primarily of seeds. This is reflected by the shapes of their beaks being adapted for breaking open the outer shell of seeds to easily get to the inside. They tend to live on low branches of trees, with even their nests being on the ground altogether. After having been around so many human disturbances, these birds have gotten very used to human contact, to the point where they are now an easily domesticated and very popular caged pet. As domesticated birds, Zebra finches are also known to be content with eating fresh foods such as chopped pieces of apples.

Their songs and chirps can vary, but for the most part they are very loud singers for their size. One of the most interesting things about their song patterns is that each male follows its very own unique rhythm. Although Zebra finches from the same bloodline may have similar patterns, its very interesting to see how their unique songs come into play when it comes to finding a mate.

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