The Mysterious Night Parrot

When we think about parrots, we usually imagine a loud, adorably obnoxious bird that is capable of mimicking human speech. Regardless of how we feel about them, it is easy to see how common parrots do not mind being the center of attention. Apparently this is not always the case, as not too long ago a species of parrot thought to have been extinct has been rediscovered.

Scattered all over in different parts of Australia, the Night Parrot is actually a very endangered species. There were no confirmed sightings of this particular bird between the years 1912 and 1979, which led to the speculation that it actually gone extinct. Its secretive habits and the fact that it has only been found within the remote country of Australia has made it notorious for being one of the most difficult birds to find in the wild.

Living in semi-arid grasslands, the Night Parrot prefers to stay low and traverse on foot. It would only take flight if something frightened it or there is a need to reach higher ground. This bird is of a medium size, and the only real way to identify it as not part of a similar looking species is the fact that the Night Parrot has a shorter tail length. Sticking to its strange nocturnal behavior, this bird eats spinifex seeds fallen on the ground at night. Even though the area that they were recently discovered in is now under protection and not disclosed to the public, their future may continue to be tumultuous over the next few years as an endangered species.

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