About Me

When I started attending University of the Pacific, I thought I had myself figured out already. After I blinked twice and found myself in my third year, the only things I know about me for sure are that I love fencing, and I also love birds.

I entered Pacific majoring in Dental Hygiene with plans to become a Hygienist after only three years of study, but by the time I finished my first two semesters I realized I was not cut out for the health science field. So I switched majors the first chance I got and became a Communications major.

This blog was created as part of a larger project for my Comm Tech class. On top of being able to play with and manage a web domain, I get the chance to expose some of the nature (specifically birds) that we may or may not see while we go about our everyday lives. Stick around and hopefully learn something cool about my favorite animal!

Jonathan Ceja